EraThr3 [Er-Uh-Three] Represents a way of life: Independent from the start, and...

EraThr3 [Er-Uh-Three] Represents a way of life: Independent from the start, and free to the end.

The company was founded by three of us, who share a creative spirit, open mind, and a ridiculous pursuit of perfection. Passionate, strong of heart, and willing to blaze new trails, we often come under question… We cannot be contained, categorized, or defined as “this".

We mix the many cultures and philosophies of this great country to create a truly unique, atmosphere that is one of our own. With a common passion for things that go “bang", break the speed limit, tear through the skies, and defy physical limitations, many find us tough to corral. So be it, we'll always focus on what drives us, rather than the static. It’s what started the madness, and is the fuel that will carry us into the future.

What you should always expect from E3, is line-up of products that reflect our way of life. One that you can live as well...

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