Your everyday carry-on turned into a bulletproof lifesaver

August 13, 2015

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What looks like an everyday backpack at first look, could actually be a true life saver. The backpack, made in the US from EraThr3 is a carry-on and full time bullet-stopper. Yes You've got it right. The backpack is bulletproof and just in case you have been living under ground, You will never know when a situation is over your head.  Don’t believe it will stop bullets? Check out the video below. The E3 consists of level IIIA Soft Armor fitted to perfectly to sit inside the bag. The surrounding layers of the bag is extremely durable (military grade), waterproof waxed canvas and a side entry to the back compartment which can hold up to two full-size handguns. Preferably the first 24 hours survival kit by Taurus. The main compartment can be opened completely giving you easy access to all compartments.