Tubesock Tuesday Primo Edition

There are some things in the world you just can’t explain.

What we want to know is, how did Sheri convince our latest Tubesock Tuesday model to agree to hide their identity behind a skin-tight one-piece spandex bodysuit? We also want to know, does the suit itch? Why is it orange? What is Miso thinking? Is he being held against his will? Is the orange suit meant to reflect some sort of bizarre warning for small creatures to avoid being subdued by large men? Or is this merely a case of two crazy kids coming up with a crazy-ass solution to changing up the routine of posting super-hot chicks wearing tubesocks while posing seductively for your viewing pleasure every single Tuesday for the past two years? I mean what the hell is happening here? Who is the model?

EraThr3 Tubesock Tuesday

Why ask why? It’s Sheri’s thing and there’s NFG so STFU and LOL. Behind the spandex is our man Johnny Primo and he’s sporting an old-school EraThr3 Glock-o-Metric black tee-shirt and E3 gym socks. He’s been here for the past week harassing the team and working on his Courses of Action signature rifle.

Based on the Anorexia platform, but built to Primo’s specs, the rifle’s destined to be bad ass. It better be too, because it will be called ‘Sexual Chocolate’ because it’s a big dark chunk of lead hurling beauty. His aftermarket components list is top secret for now but we will provide an up close and personal look at his big gun, once the build is complete.

So, which outfit does Primo look best in, here? Green Logo tee or black Glock-O tee?

Johnny Primo - EraThr3


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