Grew-up in small town Oregon. Parents taught him to work hard, use good manners, and ALWAYS do right by others. Jon joined the Air Force shortly after graduating high school; "I didn’t really like school for the right reasons, so college (at that time) wasn’t a big priority… hell, I barely graduated!" He realized for a kid with no true experience, education, or training in the job market he would be doing entry-level shit for a very long time. Even though he told everyone “I was joining the Air Force to go to school” (what everyone in our society tells kids, whether they’re ready for college, or not), what he REALLY needed was some help getting focused on what was truly important to him. "The Air Force gave me that opportunity and I am incredibly grateful."  Retired from the Air Force and now has the honor and privilege as a Military Program Manager for a GREAT American Company. He's travel throughout the nation helping military members and veterans join a killer Franchise Team. "It’s a responsibility and charge I am proud of and humbled by. I’m just a guy, doing pretty cool stuff."

 Name: JON “RUCK” RUCKER     Age: 44     Hometown: GRANTS PASS, OREGON




Color~ Blue (Air Force Blue, of course)

Music~ Blues (not related to favorite color, ironically), old school rock, country, 80’s (which my kids remind me is now “oldies

Life Motto~ “Some of the toughest battles ever fought are in the lonely chasms of one’s own soul.” -Unknown

Food~ I’m a sucker for most things sweet (i.e. Era3 girls)… Doctor told me my fat-ass is really close to being diabetic, so I tread lightly/smartly during indulgence

Drink~ Single Malt Scotch, preferably while smootin’ on a 52 ring gauge, torpedo cigar… tellin’ war stories with great friends.

Room in your house~ Outdoor patio (see “favorite drink”, above). Sitting on old vintage metal chairs with great friends, smoking cigars, refilling the scotch glasses, while enjoying the smell of burning wood and crackling logs… my dog (Banjo) lying at my feet doesn’t suck, either.

Ride~ ’62 Lincoln Continental Convertible; “Jemima” (My big, black, sweet bitch), ’71 Ford F100 pick-up;  “Lamont”, and ’68 Airstream Globetrotter; “Tonto”.


Party of one or work on a team? Both

Stay in or go out? Not trying to sound like our non-committal, douche bag of a president but I like both

Can’t leave home without?

My handgun. I travel a lot and actually despise not being able to carry in airports! I refuse to be a victim… Funny story: I live in a pretty liberal part of this great nation where I happen to come into contact with an occasional Lib-Tard spittin’ game about “gun control” and why it’s a good idea. BLUF (bottom line, up front): I was asked “Why do you feel the need to carry, or even HAVE a gun, even when you’re not in danger?” I emphasized the 2nd Amendment RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS and mentioned it was important enough to our Founding Fathers to be 2nd ONLY to Freedom of Speech. I told this gentleman “gun control might be a good idea if the folks committing crimes (with guns) actually obeyed our laws”. He was so bent of his position (being liberal just for the sake of being liberal) I realized there was no reasoning with him and this conversation was a waste of my energy (and beer time). I finally pointed at a fire extinguisher against the wall and stated “Do you wait until this building is burning to the ground to go out and buy a Goddamn fire extinguisher?” Point taken and he didn’t say shit after that… 

Top or Bottom? Behind

What are your life priorities?  Always do right by others. Be fair, honest, love like there’s no tomorrow…

Best and Worst thing about your craft?

The Best: I meet some of the most amazing men and women, doing things so others don’t have to; there’s something really cool about “being a part of something much bigger than oneself”. 

The Worst: I have to sleep sometime…


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