Luie Zendejas

Luie Zendejas drags a knee aboard his Kawasaki ZX-10R Superbike

Luie is a retired combat veteran from Southern California with a Special Operations background that includes assignments with 2/75th Ranger battalion, 1st Special forces Group (Airborne) and the Army "Special Mission Unit.”

After retiring from the military he started racing Superbikes in WERA and other regional racing series. Luie’s no dummy, he does this for fun so he follows the money. Racers with this approach to their craft are often referred to as a "Bounty Hunter" - chasing contingency prize money at race tracks all across the USA. Zendejas uses his civilian-based race craft as way to reach out and give awareness to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. When he’s not racing superbikes he moonlights as a shooting instructor, tactical and soldier systems consultant for tier one companies within the industry.

But wait, there’s more…His other passions are Skydiving & running in Ironman competitions. Free flying, canopy piloting and wind tunnel flying are his disciplines of choice in the sky but he is quick to remind you that he enjoys those competitive Ironman events from time to time and tosses in some cross country mountain bike races for good measure, when his schedule allows it.

“I would have to say I have the most bitchin life one could ever want,” explains Zendejas. “I'm retired and I get to race 210 horsepower superbikes, fly in wind tunnels and jump out of planes, with some of the best athletes this world has to offer.”

Yeah Luie, we have to agree. Welcome to the EraThr3 team.

CRAFT OF CHOICE: Road Racing, Skydiver

SPONSORS: EraThr3, Knights Armaments, Team Multicam, Crye Precision, 5Ten, Liquid sky sports, Patagonia, Combat Flip Flops, Oakley, KWS Motorsports, Cookie Helmets, Dainese, Larsen & Brusgard, Vector UPT Rigs,, Kawasaki USA, Arai helmets.


Color: Black/White/Grey/Blue

Favorite Music Artist: I like it all!

Event/Venue: 2015 November Angle Camp (Skydiving). Being able to fly with the best flyers from around the globe in technical formations with insane weather conditions. Insane jumps, good friends and Mother Nature.

Life Motto: If it scares you, then it might be worth trying

Food: Tacos, Tacos, Tacos in that order

Drink: Stouts , Jack Daniel's and Rum

Room: The cab of my truck, I'm never home

Ride: 2016 Ram 2500, 2003 F250 7.3 Powerstroke, 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R Superbike, Performance Designs Valkyrie 84 Parachute.



Party of One or Work on a Team? Both! It's a balance you have to "know when to call and when to fold.

Stay In or Go Out? Go out, burn it down!

Cook or Clean? Clean! If you ever had my cooking you’d see why.

Can't Leave Home Without? A wad of cash and a credit card! Money doesn't buy you happiness but it sure buys you options!

Top or Bottom? Ha! Neither! Sideways because it’s right in middle.
What turns you on? Hot, smart women that can go head to head with me physically & mentally.

What Are Your Life Priorities? Family and friends

Best & Worst Thing About Your Craft? The literal and physical cost it takes to race. You have to re-coat your cajones with brass every race weekend. It takes guts and determination to compete in all types of sports, but it takes a big set to go fast on a super bike.

What Occupies Your Downtime? Training keeps most of my down time occupied, staying fit, and keeping my mind healthy is an ongoing process.

Most Memorable Experience Related to Your Craft? There are so many! Being four abreast around the kink at Road Atlanta doing 180 mph is something you will always remember. Flying with three different six-man pods and then joining them together in a steep angle jump on a sunset load is something very few people will ever experience. The feeling of swooping the pond with your canopy never gets old either.

Future Goals? Training for the vertical formation record attempt, building my race program so that I am able to run closer to the factory teams. I need to continue to improve my wind tunnel skills and just catch up and joy life as a retired vet.

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