Mosi is a Son, friend, father (To A Pup), mentor, coach, teacher, athlete, adventurer, candle-maker, shower singer, lover, student, advocate, lyricist, and marine (Once & Always). --Doin' Work Since '82. He caught our attention through social media by demonstrating and embracing the EraThr3 lifestyle before we ever even spoke. With a focus on heart, body and mind, Mosi is an ultimate Brand Ambassador and we are glad to have him on the team. 


CRAFT OF CHOICE: Stone Double Bastard/UltraRunning/Running period.....

SPONSORS: RuckPack, Noots Nutrition, EraThr3


Music Artist~ Childish Gambino/Donald Glover

Event/Venue~ Badwater Ultra or The Great Wall of China Marathon

Food~ Steak Burrito & Egg, Bacon, Avocado Sandwiches

Drink~ Anything coming out of the Nutri-Bullet.....and Stone Brews

Ride~ The Georgia Cyclone....oh you meant wheels?!! 2005 Ducati Monster S2R


Can't leave home without? Pants....and ID.

Top or Bottom? Top. (But always remember where we started.)

Best and worst thing about your craft?

Best- Kinship amongst "The Tribe", setting foot in places few others will see, satisfaction in the chase (and attainment) of a sole task & a super charged metabolism!!! 

Worst- The burn rate of shoes, jacked up feet, and the "Human Starcrunch" post-race period. (This is when I go through a second puberty, after a 100 miler, and my face breaks out.....


What is this downtime  concept?? On the real -  I enjoy hanging out with old friends and connecting with new ones. 

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