Pryce Brown Wingsuit & Skydiver

I'm a nomadic Alaskan with a taste for the finer things in life. Freefall, deep snow, big mountains, horribly executed aerials, and haggard parties in strange countries, I'm mainly here for a good time. I started skiing the Chugach range of Alaska at a young age, and eventually paired the big mountain background with a speedwing and in recent years a wingsuit and BASE rig.


CRAFT OF CHOICE: Speedriding

SPONSORS: FreeBoern Air sports, ON3P Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Backcountry Access, EraThr3


Color: Everyone's down with brown.

Favorite Music Artist: 20syl

Event/Venue: April in Thomson Pass

Life Motto: "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." ~ Michael Althsuler

Food: Anything new and strange.

Drink: Make it a double.

Room: Haha, I have a house??

Ride: Old Cummins beater half welded together with a much newer mountain sled in the bed.


Party of One or Work on a Team?  Gotta have my dumbass friends.

Stay In or Go Out?  No point in dying on the couch.

Cook or Clean?  Cook, I don't clean anything but my rifles.

Can't Leave Home Without?  My speedwing and a BASE rig.

Top or Bottom?  Depends how fat she is.

What Turns You On?  Xtratufs, Carhartts and something fast or flying.

What Are Your Life Priorities?  Find new playgrounds in new places, meet crazy kooks, push past my comfort level, and generally avoid being an adult.

Best & Worst Thing About Your Craft? They're the same; walking the fine line between a really good and a really bad time.

What Occupies Your Downtime?  Recovering from injuries. Besides that, there's not enough life for downtime.

Most Memorable Experience Related to Your Craft? I'm torn between two:

  1. Naked backflip BASE jumps with a group of ludicrous Aussies and a couple of crazy Canucks off a 700' cliff in Switzerland. We all landed in a farmers field who seemed nonplussed to the point of immobility. Proceeded to stir up trouble around that mountain village for the remainder of the night. And,
  2. Exploring the backcountry of Thompson Pass with friends from our base camp on the Wortman's glacier. Kaelin disappears over a roll and shortly begins shouting for help. We find he has discovered a crevasse and his sled is wedged in 15 feet down. He successfully launched himself mid air and landed safely on the other side. 3 hours of ropework, lots of taunting Kaelin, and a few lessons learned brought us back to the cooking tent for whiskey and a hot meal past dark.

Future Goals? Bring the BASE experience from this Europe season into the mountains of Alaska, both winter and summer.  Refine speedriding and push into new zones in unfamiliar places. More than anything, engage in shenanigans and have a fantastic time.

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