Sean is a U.S. Coast Guard Retired Helicopter Rescue Swimmer/Aviation Survivalman/Emergency Medical Technician of 20 years. He is also also certified as a High and Low Angle Rescue Technician as well as a Swiftwater Rescue Technician. In addition to that, he's qualified in civilian and military tactics and currently a Nuclear Security Officer for Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant on the Central Coast of California. On the side he guides kayaks and stand up paddle boards in the ocean, rivers, and lakes. "I offer survival training, my personal fitness training program which is a 12 week program tailored to develop a sound foundation and build from there." Sean used to compete in triathlons, Ironman competitions, endurance races such as 100 hundred mile runs, and stand up paddle races. A surfer for 38 years, loves building hot rods, hunting, tactical shooting, rock climbing, and pushing himself in the elements. We'd say Sean fits the EraThr3 bill just perfect.

 Name: Sean P. Duron      Age: 44      Hometown: Arroyo Grande, Ca.

CRAFT OF CHOICE: Certified Land and Sea Survival Instructor (15 Years), Certified Personal Trainer (15 Years)

SPONSORS: Central Coast Kayaks, EraThr3


Color~ Rescue Orange

Music~ Awe man! Just one! I love music, but currently I am hooked on a reggae dub band named Fortunate Youth

Life Motto~ Live in the Here and Now, because there is never nothing going on. Be Aware.

Food~ It’s a toss up between my Aunt Ardie’s enchiladas or my Aunt Al’s Spaghetti.

Drink~ The Mojito...but we have to drink it in Cuba.

Room in your house~ The Family wait the bedroom =-)

Ride~ Five5 Chevy, two door hard top, Bel Air


Party of one or work on a team?

Team Always! But as a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer you had to be both. You worked as a team member on the helicopter and during rescues like cliff rescues, but once in the water all alone, you needed to perform and think on your own to save a life, and sometimes your own

Stay in or go out? Out!

Cook or clean? Cook! Good wine, good music, good friends, burn the dishes.

Can’t leave home without? My Go Bag and weapon.

Top or Bottom? Top ;)

What turns you on?

Black lights, lingerie, my wife, tattoos, hot rods, eight to ten foot surf in off shore winds at Scorpions Bay, Baja, Mexico. Great blues music and brake stands...(cause you’re never too old to do a brake stand.)

What are your life priorities?

Family, friends, building a business, America, pushing harder today than I did yesterday, health, fitness, and livin free.

Best and Worst thing about your craft?

Worst: When people don’t train seriously enough and I find them dead next morning due to exposure or some other mistake they made because they didn’t have the little bit of knowledge or properly prepared with their gear.

Best: Putting my skills to the test, testing new equipment, and just being out in the elements training.

What occupies your downtime?

My side business training and guiding. My family, my training, surfing, photography, video making, and shooting.

Future Goals?

Keep pushing hard to build my business or be part of a team, with a business, that I could help build into something we can go to our death beds and be proud of.


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