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I grew up in west/central ND, went to college, and ended moving back to where I grew up.  I played a lot of sports, got into a lot of other activities but once Sept.-Dec. hit there was nothing else that mattered. I am an electrician at DGC, we make synthetic natural gas out of lignite coal along with a ton of other byproducts.The last few years I have started getting into a lot more hunts out west(elk, deer, antelope, bear) and we like going into places no one else goes.  We will pack in on our backs and carry everything out, it’s a bitch but I've never felt so alive and so accomplished as those kind of hunts make you feel.  Basically it’s ruined me because that’s all I want to do now.  My hunting partner is a badass awesome guy, we push each other pretty hard and try to think up adventures to try that we only dreamed of doing earlier in our lives.  We have some pretty good ideas we want to try out.  I also do a lot of waterfowl and predator hunting in ND, spear fish in the winter, work on projects the rest of the year. I love getting in the gym, I don’t want to be out hunting somewhere and have anyone going better, harder than I am.   I want to live each day so I feel like it’s not wasted and don’t want to have any regrets when I’m broken down and older.  I’ve really realized the last few years that even tho I don’t have a ton of money, the biggest thing holding me back from doing a lot of things was myself.  Anyway, getting a bit long.  I also have a smoking hot wife and twins due in Sept.  We are pretty excited about that.

Sean Senske

Sean Senske Fishing Guru

NAME: SEAN SENSKE          AGE:32       Hometown: Beulah, ND

CRAFT OF CHOICE:  DIY Spot & Stalk Bowhunting.



Color: Black/White

Favorite Music Artist:  I like variety- Metallica, Johnny Cash, Offspring, George Strait, Green Day, Sammy Adams, F.F.D.P

Event/Venue:  College Hockey!!!, and brew or whiskey fests

Life Motto: My life is based on a true story. I think about that statement and I want it to be a damn good story

Food:  Wild Game (elk, deer, walleye, bear), freaking love sushi, sashimi, etc

Drink:  Brown ales, Jameson, Johnnie Walker, Islay Scotches

Room:  Garage

Ride: 2011 Ford FX4 ecoboost & '75 Ford Ranger w/390 & 35’s


Party of One or Work on a Team?  

Solo unless you got some badass mofo’s you really trust, then that’s the best.

Stay In or Go Out?  Go out, live life.

Cook or Clean?  Cook all day long, hate cleaning.

Can't Leave Home Without?  Flat billed hat and usually a .45

Top or Bottom?  Top in the morning, bottom in the evening.

What Turns You On?  Athletic chicks are freaking hot.  Have to get your workout on.  Hard worker doesn’t hurt either.

What Are Your Life Priorities?  My wife and my family come first.  After that I just want to feel alive and not waste a day of my life.  I know what I love to do, I like putting my gear on my back and walking into somewhere wild.  I have to ability to go anywhere and do anything, I just need to work as hard as I can to find a way to get myself there.  I have the ability, I need to find the means.

Best & Worst Thing About Your Craft?  The best thing absolutely is the struggle and how hard it is, then when you accomplish what you set out to do there is no feeling in the world like it.  You really feel alive and you feel like you could do anything.  The worst by far is being away from my wife for so long,  when you are getting ground down that warm bed and friendly face makes it easy to want to quit.  It’s all part of it though, I think it is why so many people don’t see it through.

What Occupies Your Downtime? Catching House of Cards or some show with the wife, bonfires n drinks with friends, shooting a few arrows before the sun goes down out back.

Most Memorable Experience Related to Your Craft?  There are a lot of things that stick out to me, I’ve killed some pretty big deer, had some amazing hunts but nothing compares to elk hunting.  I went on my first elk hunt in 2012, DIY, public land Montana, spot and stalk, and snuck in on 3 bulls and killed one with my bow.  That alone was amazing but those things are freaking huge, then to cut everything up in the dark, find your way out with GPS in the middle of the night, then go back in the next day for the pain day packing the rest out is insane.  It gets me going. 

Future Goals?   I want to do way more western hunts, as much as I can, tons.  It’s only a matter of time before I do Alaska, really want a moose and a grizzly bear.  My hunting partners brother just bought into part ownership of two planes. Obviously we have some big ideas for him flying us around and getting to do some stuff we wouldn’t normally do, hopefully that works out.  I’m also really looking forward to the twins coming in Sept., can’t wait to have a couple freedom loving, mountain bowhunters on my hands.  Also, huge wish- I some day want to build my own log cabin somewhere, even if it’s just a tiny little hunting shack. 

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