Tom Baker

Tom Baker 2016 Swoop Challenge

Tom Baker is a flying machine that has a zest for life that can only be made better with a thick steak and a full glass of whiskey. The red headed wild man became an EraThr3 Ambassador a month before participating in the 2016 Swoop Challenge. Baker wowed the crowd with his signature 'Ginger Flip' trick. Stay tuned as we keep you posted on the exploits of this momma's boy as he looks for new locations and situatios to do the thing he loves most: Fly.

CRAFT OF CHOICE:  Skydiving/Indoor Skydiving 

SPONSORS: Tonfly Suits, United Parachute Technologies, Paraclete XP, L&B


Color: Neon Green

Favorite Music Artist/Bands: Beach music or anything passionate and relaxing

Most Memorable Event/Venue: Slightly Stoopid at the Cocoa Beach Pier at sunset. The jerk chicken was amazing.

Your Life Motto: Never Stop Flying 

Foods of Choice: A big fat rib eye (‘Merika Woo Hoo!) - I also love trying new food everywhere I travel as well.

Preferred Drink: Jack Daniels...or whatever IPA you’re buying!

Room You Spend The Most Time In: 16 foot vertical wind tunnel

Ride: 98 Nissan Sentra (a.k.a…the Silver Surfer) and my 2006 KLX110​



Quick Q&A:

Party of One or Work on a Team? Party of one team

Stay In or Go Out?  Always pull out, then go out and be social

Cook or Clean? I grill like a beast

Can't Leave Home Without? My hammock!

What Turns You On? Tubesock Tuesday

What Are Your Life Priorities? Always challenging and progressing myself physically and mentally.

Best & Worst Thing About Your Craft? Being able to fly my body in multiple disciplines and environments (wind tunnel, sky, mountains or over the beach). The worst, is being patient while waiting for bad weather to clear.

What Occupies Your Down Time? What’s downtime? If I'm not flying you can find me climbing, paddle boarding, napping in my hammock, or seeing what kind of shenanigans I can get into.

Most Memorable Experiences Related to Your Craft? Three really stand out, but jumping in Norway for the first time was INSANE! Jumping over the fjords and flying with these massive mountains filled with waterfalls, wild life and breathtaking views. That was one of the most magical experiences of my life. 

My mom’s fist tandem was one of my most memorable jumps. She finally got to experience what has driven me and changed my life so much. Not only that, but she KILLED IT! She was blowing kisses to everyone laughing and having a good time.

Lastly, being a stuntman on my first featured film was quite surreal. It has opened my eyes to new possibilities for the sport as well.

Future goals? Having the ability to put my ideas to the test and seeing what is possible with human flight.

What do you want the world to remember about you? That I plan of having as much fun as this world has to offer with everyone that wants to come along for the journey.​

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