The 2015 "UPR" Thunder Ranch Experience




We’ve teamed up with Clint and Heidi Smith, of Thunder Ranch, to offer an all-inclusive packag1433458652159e that will provide top-notch gear with a world class, multi-day experience. You’ll learn the skills to tap the full performance potential of your new “Clint Smith” signature rifle, dubbed the “Skinny Gun”, by the man himself. After three days of controlled, yet exhilarating instruction, you will be more confident, able to handle yourself and your rifle in awkward scenarios, and possess skills needed to respond more appropriately to unexpected real-world situations.



The all-inclusive package includes the following:                 

 EraThr3 “Clint Smith” Signature AR-15 with Optics Package






   Schmidt & Bender 1-4x20 PM Short Dot
PROOF Research 14.5" Carbon Fiber Barrel
   Custom Sphur Offset Mount 
   Magpul Furniture & Magazines
 800rds Prime Ammunition
 3 Days Instruction
 Lodging/Meals Provided
 1 Year Subscription to RECOIL Magazine
 Total Value: $12,500.00
 All Inclusive Package: $10,500.00 (Yes you get to keep it all.)




Application Process:

Spaces limited to 12 total students. You can download the application form here: E3/TR Application Form

Location & Dates:
Thunder Ranch is located in Lakeview, OR. The 2015 "UPR" E3/Thunder Ranch Experience will be held 8/27-8/29. Lakeview is an easy drive from Reno, NV and/or Redmond, OR for out-of-state travelers looking for commercial flights. 



I already have plenty of experience, what's in it for me?

If you already have experience with firearms, you understand the enjoyment of running weapons to their limits, and pushing your own. Recurrent training is key to retaining and sharpening your skills, regardless of one's level of experience. At Thunder Ranch, you will receive expert coaching from professional instructors with established credentials, who are highly adept at transferring their skills to you. Our main objective is for you to enjoy yourself, better understand the capabilities of your rifle, and go home a better shooter.

Are their any circumstances that would limit my participation?

The application process will require a background check, personal references and phone interview. Any failure, red flag, or potential concerns will be addressed accordingly. EraThr3, LLC and Thunder Ranch reserve the right to limit one's participation due to, any perceived inabilities to safely participate. We have a zero tolerance for Idiots, D-bags, Jerks, Know-it-alls, Loud Mouths, and Shitheads.

What if I cannot attend class after having registered?

All registrations require 50%, non-refundable deposit. Life happens, we get it, and we're reasonable people. Just be there, and we won't have to worry about it.

What do I need to bring?

Most importantly, a good attitude. For everything else, check this out: Course Requirement List/Travel Info

Can I bring my own rifle?

No. The package is all-inclusive, and includes a new rifle with specific accessories tailored to the class. If your new gun goes down, we'll have a back-up for you.

Can I bring a guest?

Only if she's hot....   

How do I get the Rifle and what if I live in a ban state?

An FFL must be provided prior to class so we can arrange all the legal transfers. If you are in a state that doesn't allow a rifle as configured, you will have to arrange that over the phone at 541-295-8450 so we can make the necessary changes to yours. 

Urban Precision Rifle - UPR
This new format is a fusion of the two time tested TR doctrines of Precision Rifle and Urban Rifle. In this new format the surgical application of the scoped rifle to urban and compressed environments is addressed. Most documented precision rifle shots are in fact applied at shorter ranges in compressed times and at what are often complex targets. Safety, use of cover /concealment, engagement of moving targets, hostage type targets, firing from elevated platforms as well as other appropriate subjects will be addressed in the course. Altered firing positions applied under duress will be addressed by scenarios in Terminator 3 and Thunderville.


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